The goal at croqueteer is to find what bats major league players have used. As that data collection grows we compile or records in the following lists. Our intent is update this often. We gather much of our data from online auction houses as well as the bat reviews on our partner site,

Major League Baseball Bats Usage by Player

Major League Baseball Bats Brand Reviews

There are, as you might imagine, a number of wood bat manufacturers making bats for pro players. The players above use and used a range of bats from household names like Marucci and Louisville Slugger to more obscure bats like Cooper and Adirondack.

The internet has made it quite possible to deliver even more obscure wood bats to the masses. And, considering no bat manufacturer was able to patent trees or lathes,  then the ability to make high quality pro bats has become common place. In other words, there are a lot of wood bat manufacturers these days.

On croqueteer, we do not review wood bats in much detail. Instead, our goal is document what major players use for their bats and become a decent resource for those looking to do research. We leave wood bat reviews to our sister site

Major League Baseball Glove Information

At one time this information was stored on justbatreviews. We also had information there on gloves, but have since moved that to a site called We even keep track of the gloves that pros use in our What Glove Does page.